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Resume Tips for College Students

November 15, 2021
Resume Paper on a Clipboard

In a typical business setting, the resume has become the number one employer requirement for screening applicants. So, how can you compress all your knowledge, skills, and experiences into one to two pages?

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled five resume tips for college students with no experience — or those with only a little. Read on for practical ways to make your resume stand out in a sea of rivals.

Create Custom Resumes

In your four years of college education, you’ve honed an extensive range of strengths, from project management to communication to civic involvement competencies. The best way to attract the eye of potential employers is to align your expertise with what they need. Here’s a pro tip: Review every job description and develop a resume based on a company’s specific requirements. Writing a one-size-fits-all resume won’t do you any favors.

Highlight Work Experience

Your previous work experience might not be of the same nature as the job you’re applying for, but that’s OK. Hiring managers understand the nature of university jobs and want to know that you can finish tasks, work with a team, and undergo training. For every position you’ve held, include the company’s name, inclusive dates, and a summary of your tasks and achievements.

Quantify Your Achievements

Recent recruiter statistics reveal that a job opening attracts an average of 250 applicants. When you go against this many competitors, numbers can emphasize your achievements. For instance, you can share how your social media work boosted sales by 10% in 12 months, or how you assisted 50 clients daily in your retail job. Figures make such achievements more appealing than generic claims.

Use Reverse Chronological Order

There are various ways to arrange your resume, such as combination or functional. However, the trusty reverse chronological order — listing most recent experiences first and then working your way back — still works best. After all, it makes sense for the hiring team to see what you’re currently up to instead of reading about your lawn mower stint in high school.

Triple-Check Your Work

No list of resume writing tips for college students would be complete without asking you to triple-check your work. Think of your resume as the first meeting with potential employers. It’s essential to impress them with your resume, and factors such as grammar errors, unnecessary information, and inaccurate information can harm your chances of landing an interview. Before you send out resumes to hiring managers, make sure it’s flawless.

Write Your Resume Now

These resume-building tips for college students should enable you to write the perfect resume that will captivate and impress hiring managers. They should help you land your dream job in no time.